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Get access to useful resources, world-class member only events and a network where you get exposure to help you grow your business.
World-Class Events
Learn from and hang out with some of SA's most successful entrepreneurs; the likes of Pepe Marais, Dawn Nathan-Jones, Musa Kalenga, Brian Altriche as well as our founder Marnus Broodryk, from Shark Tank SA.
Useful Resources
A wealth of growing business resources. Step-by-step instructions, templates and great advice for you to implement in your business as well as shortcuts to finance and other opportunities from our corporate partners.
SME Marketplace
List your business and find the established clients you are looking for. Every week, you have an opportunity to create a special deal to our network of SMEs and can also benefit from their deals.

Streamline Your Business

Access an archive of downloadable templates that you can DIY with ease, plus step-by-step guides to streamline your legal process and save on legal fees. Need something and we don’t have it? Let us know and if it’s something the rest of our SME members can benefit from, we’ll make it happen.

“I found info on how to obtain a BEE certificate (which I had no idea was so easy), how to draft a will and set up employment contracts so that I was protecting my business, super valuable!”

Founder of Ubuntu Baba

VIP Access To Life Changing Business Events

Most business events go like this – average venue, average food (if you’re lucky), average people, average advice. It’s mostly to sell you something more, impressing their sponsors with the number of feet through the door. We’re done with average – we’re here to make an impact! And we know you are too.

“I walked out of there at the last event, knowing as a new’ish entrepreneur it’s going to be tough, walking out there saying to myself, I’m doing this and not just doing it I’m gonna freaking crush it. Thanks Joey Evans, Marnus and the whole team at sme.africa.”

sme.africa Premium Member

Out Of The Shark Tank… And Into The Ocean!

“I couldn’t believe how many entrepreneurs reached out to me after my time spent as an investor on Shark Tank South Africa. I knew I could help them, but trying to assist one at a time was an impossible task. There is so much power in coming together, and this is what sme.africa is about. We created a solution to bring us all together in a way that would benefit all SMEs across South Africa. Tell us your biggest business challenges, and let us create the resources and events to support this bigger vision.”

Founder of sme.africa & author of 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs

You’re ready for growth, expansion, new connections and opportunities.

We’re ready to put you in the driving seat! R345pm (incl. VAT) gets you in.

There is a way through those business issues you’re facing and the sme.africa team will help you get there.

What we want for you:
  • To feel supported on your business journey
  • To gain exposure for your business to the right customers
  • To be heard and have your questions answered
  • To have a trusted network of business friends to bounce ideas off
  • To be confident in the fact that all this hard work is not for nothing and that what you’re doing truly matters
  • And finally, to take it up a notch – now is the time!

We’re looking for established business owners who fit the below profile or are striving to get there:

  • Positive about the future of South Africa
  • Excited to connect with like-minded business owners
  • Want more exposure for your business and are willing to offer special deals to our existing SME Members
  • Want to take advantage of our SME Members special deals and help create a thriving community
  • Are willing to share your greatest business struggles in order to help us create content that will serve you
  • Keen to participate in forum discussions, online and offline at our member only events, with an open mind and positive attitude

“To quote one of our alliance partners that attended with Paradigm, Mario: “This was just what I needed”. Thank you sme.africa for once again presenting a fantastic event! Your dedicated team and partners are AWESOME! Keep doing what you do best – Rocking South Africa and building the Nation!”

Paradigm Software & Hosting

We’re here to inspire, motivate and support.

A one-of-a-kind online platform for established small business owners who are ready to kick it up a notch. Join us for R345pm (incl. VAT).

What you’ll be getting access to immediately on sign up:

Business Connector
Setup your own business profile page, tell people who you are, what you do, even upload a video and take advantage of sharing your special member only deal to our network of established business owners.
Business Streamlining
Step-by-step instructions, templates and great advice for you to implement in your business. Downloadable templates for employment contracts, detailed BEE information and much more.
Live Event Archives
We truly pride ourselves on the quality of our events and are so glad we can share these past ones with you, and of course – you’ll be our VIP guest at all future ones. Nothing beats the live experience!
The sme.africa Blog
Essential topics that all established business owners can benefit from – you can even contribute your own articles if you feel you have value to add, and help promote your own business at the same time.
Private Facebook Group
Introduce yourself and your business and instantly start making connections and having conversations with the rest of our sme.africa members.
Expert Forum
Submit your question to our team of accounting, tax, labour, and legal specialists. We'll return an opinion in 24 hrs. You’ll also have full access to the archives of all questions that have been asked by our members to date.
Business Expansion
Need finance? We know people. The right people. Tell us how much money you need and what you plan to do with it, and we’ll help put you in touch with our Corporate Friends who are supporting our sme.africa members.
Intellectual Property Training
Coming soon... watch this space!

“Last night was mind boggling. I realised that I’m not alone. Even though I have attended previous sme.africa events, last night resonated with my heart and soul. Thank you so much, Marnus and the team.”

sme.africa Premium Member

The Choice is Yours:

We really believe in our product and we know that it’s going to benefit your business journey – but as our Founder Marnus Broodryk says; “there’s a lot of bullshit out there!” So we want to offer you a 90 day money back guarantee. Join us, and if after 90 days you don’t feel like you’ve got your money’s worth and more – email us and we’ll give you a full refund, in exchange for your reasoning – because if we’re doing something wrong, we want to know about it.
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Premium listing on WeAreSme.co.za

Free VIP access to all #WeAreSME events
Opinions on business questions in 24 hours
Weekly templates and special offers
Legal templates
Tools to collect outstanding debt
Assistance when you need finance
Exposure to our network of SMEs
Marketing opportunities
Part of a premium network of SMEs
Free Listing
List your business
Free listing on WeAreSME.co.za
Free VIP access to all #WeAreSME events
Opinions on business questions in 24 hours
Weekly templates and special offers
Legal templates
Tools to collect outstanding debt
Assistance when you need finance
Exposure to our network of SMEs
Marketing opportunities
Part of a premium network of SMEs