A community of established small business owners.

They say there’s no support for SMEs in South Africa… we’re changing that narrative!


We’ve worked with and spoken to thousands of business owners and one thing is clear, their problems are all very similar.

It’s tough out there at the moment. Entrepreneurship can be a really lonely journey and before you know it, you’re walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

This is why sme.africa exists. Firstly, to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and secondly, to give you the resources you need to shortcut your success and start to experience the power of small business and entrepreneurship when we come together and support one another.

We’re here to inspire, motivate and support you on your business journey.

Here at sme.africa, we want to show you what is possible when you shift gears & leave a cloud of dust behind you!


Helping You Shift Perspective.

We’ve seen your struggles. We understand the real challenges that business owners in South Africa are facing today.

At sme.africa, we are forever questioning, forever learning and forever striving to raise the bar so we can help you overcome those issues and open doors to help accelerate your growth and business expansion.

We Believe In The Power Of Coming Together.

“Growing up in Harrismith, I’d pass someone on the street and without a thought we’d smile and greet each other. There was a sense of community and belonging and that’s what we’re trying to create with sme.africa. A community of like-minded South African business owners coming together to share, inspire, support and grow, to create a future legacy that our families can be proud of.”

Founder of sme.africa & Author of 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs

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