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How much does this cost?

Our premium package costs R345.00 per month (inclusive of VAT). We also offer a FREE tier which has limited access to the platform.

Can I try out the free package and upgrade to premium later?

Yes, you can register a free account and use that until you are ready to upgrade to premium.

Is it easy to cancel my membership?

Yes, we allow month-to-month or yearly subscription options with no cancellation period required. Simply send us an email to cancellations@sme.africa and we’ll begin the process.

What payment options are available?

We make exclusive use of debit orders and do not allow credit cards. For yearly subscriptions we will allow EFT’s.

Why debit orders?

From our experience the chances of a credit card being replaced is far more likely than a change of a bank account. This ensures your subscription is not interrupted should you replace your credit card. It’s also easier for the customer to claim fees back should a dispute arise.

I don't have a business or I'm a sole proprietor, can I register?

Yes, this platform is available to anyone and you can enter your personal name where it asks for a company name.

Are the events for members only?

Yes, although we’ve hosted successful public events before, we’re now going to offer access to members only.

How will this help me get exposure for my business?

There are various ways to gain exposure for your business. Firstly, we provide a Members Module which will showcase your business to others who are on the platform. We’ve also created a Deals Module where we allow you to promote your goods and services. You can elevate your company’s reputation via the Forum Module by answering questions or providing advice to others. You can also submit content to be featured in our weekly Feed publication which gets exposed to our entire base. On a case-per-case basis we’ll identify SMEs to be featured in our Podcasts or Small Business Friday video series.

Does sme.africa provide financing directly?

No, we do however provide tools and information that will guide you in getting finance from one of our partners.

Does sme.africa have a partner program?

Yes, we love working with other companies who are interested in helping SMEs. Please contact partners@sme.africa for more information.

Contact our team:

Fill out the form below or alternatively contact us on +27 10 006 0003 / support@sme.africa and we’ll get right back to you.