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How much does it cost to become a sme.africa VIP member?

This page explains our full premium offering for established business owners in detail. Our premium package costs R5,750.00 per year (including VAT). We also offer a free tier which has limited access to the platform.

Can I start out as a free member and upgrade to become a VIP member later?

Yes, you can register a free account and use that until you are ready to upgrade to VIP.

Is it easy to cancel my membership?

As it’s an annual subscription, you’ll be signed up for a full year. If you are unhappy with your subscription and feel you aren’t getting your money’s worth, please email us and on support@sme.africa and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

What payment options are available?

You may pay via debit order, credit card or EFT.

I don't have a business or I'm a sole proprietor, can I register?

Yes, this platform is available to anyone and you can enter your personal name where it asks for a company name.

Are the events for VIP members only?

Yes, although we’ve hosted successful public events before, we’re now going to offer access to VIP members only.

Does sme.africa provide financing directly?

No, we do however provide tools and information that will guide you in getting finance from one of our partners.

Does sme.africa have a partner program?

Yes, we love working with other companies who are interested in helping SMEs. Please contact partners@sme.africa for more information.

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Fill out the form below or alternatively contact us on +27 10 006 0003 / support@sme.africa and we’ll get right back to you.