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There’s a big disconnect between those just starting out (90% of market) and those actually running businesses (10%). Established business owners need more support, networking opportunities and quality resources to grow bigger and better businesses.

A 12 month premium offering for established business owners who are ready to kick it up a notch:

World-Class Events
Join like-minded business owners and get VIP access to all our events where we bring you some of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs to share their journeys. Can't make the event? No problem - recorded talks will be uploaded into our members area.
Interactive Webinars
Exclusive and interactive webinars with the greatest entrepreneurs and industry experts. We want to give you the opportunity to have a virtual coffee with some of SA’s greatest minds. Submit your questions in advance or join in live.
Quality Resources
Access to a database of quality resources and useful templates for your business. Legal agreements on almost every topic, HR templates, BEE information, templates on how to collect outstanding debt, business plans and so much more.
Get Expert Opinions
Access to an online portal where you can ask any question on any topic and we’ll find an expert to give you an opinion within 24 – 48 hours. We have accounting, tax, labour, and legal specialists on board to assist.
New Business
Connecting established business owners. A weekly opportunity to expose your business by advertising your products / services to our network of small business owners and a mailing list of 10k+.
Partner Discounts
Get access to valuable discounts offered by our corporate partners. These deals are on products / services most SMEs use every day: banking, mobile / data products, hotels and conference venues.

You’re in good company.

Our friends are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs out there. Our previous speakers include: Brian Altriche (RocoMammas), Romeo Kumalo (Vodacom), Dawn-Nathan Jones (Europcar), Pepe Marais (Joe Public), Musa Kalenga (Facebook), Gil Oved (Creative Council).

“It’s one thing to read someone’s book, but it’s another thing to be in a room with them and experience their energy. Being able to be in such close proximity to the greatest entrepreneurs and business minds of our time can be a life changing experience with the potential to totally shift your perspective.”

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There are many business organizations and events out there, but how many actually save you money and enable growth?


Others charge a hefty price, some “business consultants” cost more than R10k per session, there are organizations with an annual membership of R60k and you often find single events (of just 2-5 hours) selling for R7k+. We’re here to change that.

sme.africa connects like-minded business owners with one another, bringing you exclusive access to quality resources, people and experiences that money can’t buy.

We truly understand your needs and challenges, and we’re here to offer solutions that will help save you money and enable growth.

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