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This show is brought to you by sme.africa and Investec Business Cash Solutions with the purpose of giving small business owners in SA a voice.

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Advice from 11 of SA’s Top Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs have overcome adversity and built incredibly valuable businesses in the midst of a challenging South African economy. They are leaders in their field with brilliant lessons and life stories to share with you.

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Queen of a Car Rental Empire, Dawn Nathan-Jones

One of SA’s most influential women in business! Not only is Dawn a successful entrepreneur and CEO who built a car rental empire in SA, she also featured as a Shark on M-Net’s Shark Tank. This episode was recorded live from her balcony overlooking a beautiful Cape Town sunset!

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The Founder of WooThemes & WooCommerce

Mark Forrester is one of SA’s tech icons who built WooThemes and WooCommerce, two platforms which were eventually sold to WordPress.com due to their international popularity. Mark is a phenomenal entrepreneur with a calm approach to business and in this episode he shares the journey with us.

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Secrets from a leading E-commerce Expert

Warrick Kernes tells us which products are the smartest to sell online and which digital marketing strategy allowed him to build a successful business worth millions. He’s one of SA’s leading e-commerce experts and he shares important rules that helped him become a successful internet entrepreneur.

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From Limpopo Village to Owning Multi-million Rand IT Company

Bethuel grew up without access to computers and eventually became the founder and co-owner of multi-million Rand IT consulting company, Command Quality. Him and his team are determined to develop SA’s capabilities so that corporate companies no longer have to outsource software testing and development to foreign countries.

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Kings of Venture Capital, Funding Innovation in SA

Keet van Zyl is a partner and co-founder at Knife Capital, an incredibly well-established South African venture capital firm. In this episode Marnus finds out how Keet got here, and together they discuss the current landscape of entrepreneurship and innovation in our country.

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Interviewing the Founder and CEO of sme.africa and The Beancounter

In this episode we flip the script and interview Marnus, the entrepreneur behind sme.africa and The Beancounter. He shares his thoughts on building exponential businesses with recurring revenue, hiring and training people effectively, using hyper focus to 10x your productivity, buying a 3D printer for the office and many more interesting ideas. Enjoy!

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The Cape Town Engineer Building Drone Software for Farmers

Benji Meltzer is a South African Engineer who partnered with a university friend, James Patterson, to build Aerobotics. Their company uses drone technology powered by AI and intelligent software to provide useful data to farmers around the world. Aerobotics is a true start-up success story and in this episode Marnus finds out what they’ve learned along the way.

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The Woman Behind SA’s Best Brand Campaign

Danni Dixon is an entrepreneur, a leader, a creative-thinker and now the head of marketing at Investec. In this EP she offers incredible advice to business owners who are looking to work with corporate brands in SA. Enjoy!

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Using Purpose to Build Advertising Giant, Joe Public

Pepe Marais founded Joe Public with two friends, one of whom had saved his life in a terrible drowning accident many years before. This is an incredible story of finding purpose in life and leveraging that to build one of SA’s most successful advertising agencies.

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The Entrepreneur who Created RocoMamas

Brian Altriche is an exciting entrepreneur who built one of SA’s most successful new restaurant brands. In this EP he shares his journey with Marnus and the two of them unpack valuable lessons for the business owner to take home.

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Building & Selling a Social Media Powerhouse

Welcome to Season 2 of Making SMEs Matter, the top podcast for business owners in SA! Today I chat to Mike Stopforth, the founder of social media powerhouse, Cerebra. Mike shares valuable lessons learned along the way, as well as advice for how business owners can crush social in 2019.

Episode 12: The Power of Personality in Entrepreneurship

Industrial Psychologist and founder of Talent Insight, Francois de Wet, explains how personality impacts your business. He firmly believes that you have the power to change and become a better entrepreneur if you set your mind to it.

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Episode 11: Influencers, Advertising and the Power of Storytelling in Business

Mike Sharman shares how business owners can leverage the power of social media to build valuable relationships with their customers. Mike is the man behind Retroviral, an award-winning digital communications agency who have worked with the likes of Nando’s and RocoMamas.

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Episode 10: Getting Cash for Your Business

Don’t let cash flow kill your business… This week Eli Michal, the founder and CEO of Payabill, explains how their trade financing works and how you, the SME owner, can tap into it to scale your business and smooth out your cash flow.

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Episode 9: Hacks to Grow Your Business from a Serial Entrepreneur

Greg Tinkler is the co-founder and owner of Slender You, a weight-loss brand that exploded onto the market last year. Having founded a marketing company beforehand, he shares incredibly valuable techniques that will help you increase sales today.

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Episode 8: Building a Payment Company with a R250 Million Turnover (Paul Kent – Sureswipe Founder and CEO)

Paul Kent shares his journey of moving to South Africa from the UK as a child to eventually leaving the corporate world and building Sureswipe, a Payment company with a turnover of R250 million. An inspiring story for South African entrepreneurs.

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Episode 7: Ubuntu Baba Founder Fights Back Against Retail Giant Woolworths

Founder of Ubuntu Baba, Shannon McLaughlin, shares her battle with retail giant Woolworths who were accused of copying and selling her baby carriers. This episode contains valuable lessons for SME owners who have been involved in Intellectual Property disputes.

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Episode 6: Turning R5 Million Into a Budding Fitness Empire

Tumi Phake, the founder and owner of Zenzele Fitness Group, shares his journey from working in a corporate bank to founding his own health and fitness brand. Tumi is a bright young entrepreneur with lots of wisdom to share, especially for those interested in the growing fitness industry.

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Episode 5: Lessons From a Female Entrepreneur – From Teacher to Franchisor

We get to know Carla Verster, the founder and owner of Carla’s Au Pairs – an international brand that places Au Pairs abroad. Carla shares her insights on being a female entrepreneur and the valuable lessons she’s learned over ten years.

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Episode 4: Losing R1.4 Million in a Failing Franchise Business

We speak to an entrepreneur who poured R1.4 million into a franchise business that is failing. Valuable lessons for franchisees or entrepreneurs running a business in the hospitality industry.

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Episode 3: Building a Powerful Personal Brand and Opening SA’s Biggest Sports Bar with Rikus de Beer

You might know my guest as the famous Jonathan from Radio Raps, but behind the character there is a great entrepreneur: Rikus. I was on his TV show last week. I wanted to share his story with you, so we created a podcast episode on the spot. He shared his lessons in building one powerful personal brand and also setting up the biggest sports bar in SA.

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Episode 2: Talking Entrepreneurship with the Co-founders of Pineapple, SA’s Innovative Insurance Start-up

This week I visited the co-founders of Pineapple, an innovative new tech start-up taking on the insurance industry with a completely new business model.

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Episode 1: Life and Business After Receiving Funding on Shark Tank, Entrepreneur Vusi Ravele

In this episode I catch up with Vusi Ravele, the first entrepreneur to receive funding on Shark Tank South Africa.

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