The Millionaire Music Mogul: DJ Sbu

Dj Sbu

Sbusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ Sbu, is a passionate musician and entertainer who used his marketing mind to turn a public platform into a business empire. In this episode he shares his entrepreneurial journey and gives us an update on the exciting projects he’s busy with at the moment.

Rising From the Ashes: the Legacy of Amanda Dambuza


This is the story of Amanda Dambuza, the incredible entrepreneur who overcame great difficulty to reach the top of the business world in SA. She now serves as the founder and CEO of Uyandiswa Project Management Services.

How Gideon Galloway Built King Price Insurance


The incredible journey of Gideon Galloway who went from being a waiter and leaving university without a degree to being the founder of King Price insurance, one of SA’s most successful new brands in the space. His vision for doing things differently and building a unique company culture left Marnus and the team speechless.

Building SA’s Beauty Salon Superpower: Sorbet


Ian Fuhr tells the story of building South Africa’s beauty salon giant, Sorbet. His ability to focus on impacting customer’s lives and being fully invested in his staff is what allowed him and his team to reach incredible heights.

From Side Hustle to Global Giant: The Story of USN


This is an inspiring story that started many years ago when USN founder and owner, Albé Geldenhuys, was mixing his own supplements at home and selling them to his friends. It was his sheer determination to win and passion for helping others achieve results in the gym that drove him to build a globally recognised […]

The Incredible Entrepreneur Behind NetFlorist

Ryan Bacher

Ryan Bacher is humble and honest, yet also incredibly optimistic! His determination and willingness to try new things without being afraid of failure is what allowed their ‘proof of concept’ e-commerce website to grow into one of SA’s most valuable online stores. This is 20-year journey of the brand we know and love, NetFlorist.

The Charismatic CEO Who Built the Investec Empire


Stephen Koseff is the ex-CEO of Investec and one of SA’s most elite business leaders. His passion, focus and entrepreneurial spirit were instrumental in building the world-class brand we know today. In this episode he shares the most important values and lessons that led to their success. Welcome to Season 3 of Making SMEs Matter!